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Because we manufacture everything we sell, we can offer unparalleled customization, quality, and convenience at a lower cost than traditional retailers.

The Ring Builder

Build Your Perfect Ring

With tens of thousands of variations, our custom ring builder offers unmatched, true online customization. Each element has been tailored to scale and adapt to the center stone and design choices you make. Real-time changes, 360-degree viewing, and custom prototyping mean you can pore over every detail on-screen or in-person before finalizing your purchase.

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Curated Collections

Instantly Available

We love making custom pieces, but sometimes you see something and have to have it! Shop our instant shop for pieces ranging from classic to unique!

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The Diamond Matrix

A New Way to Shop for Diamonds

The traditional diamond shopping experience involves retailers telling you what they have and letting you figure it out. We’ve turned that outdated model around with our Diamond Matrix. You provide your budget, target size, and what’s most important to you and we’ll find the best available diamond that meets your every requirement.

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