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The Basics

Stone Type Because of the large disparity in prices, it's better to separate Natural Diamonds from Lab Grown Diamonds.

Shape The visual shape of a diamond, such as Round, Oval, or Cushion. The shape of the diamond not only effects its look but the relation between its carat weight and measurements, which is why it is not recommended to apply the same parameters to different diamond shapes.

Price Range There is no right number when it comes to your price range. We believe a great diamond can be found at any range.
We recommend a range of at least +/- 20% of your target number so that you get a wide enough range to assess how quality and size differ. You can narrow your range from there. You may be surprised to find you can get the same caliber diamond for less than you initially anticipated! Our Diamond Matrix will automatically show results a little below and above your Min and Max to ensure that diamonds that fall just outside of your parameters are not excluded.


Carat Weight The weight of the diamond that is commonly used as the size descriptor for diamonds. This is because diamonds, especially round diamonds, are uniformly cut and have a strong correlation between carat weight and overall visual size (diameter and depth). The better a diamond is cut, the tighter the correlation. We use the carat weight shorthand since we maintain very high cut standards for our diamonds so there is a very strong correlation between carat weight and visual size. Our Diamond Matrix will automatically show results a little below and above your Min/Max parameters to ensure that diamonds that fall just outside your parameters are included.
Please Note: We do not recommend comparing diamonds of different shapes or very different cut qualities by their carat weight as there will be little to no correlation, causing the comparisons to be inaccurate.

For best results, limit the search range to 1-carat or less,
ex: 0.5 to 1.1 carats, 1 to 2 carats.


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What's most important to you! Quality - the diamond's grades, Size - its carat weight, or Balance - keeping the cost at or below your budget midpoint. If results overlap, it may be due to limited availability or a tight range. Since we often exceed the quality and/or size of our estimates, it still helps us know your priority so that we can find the best diamond for you.