Diamond Matrix: A brilliant new way to shop for diamonds


To get you the best diamond at the best price.

The best way to do this is by casting the widest net, leaving no stone unturned.

Learn more about how we source our diamonds, and how it benefits you.


The Basics

  • Select if you’d like to shop for a natural diamond or a lab-grown one. 
  • Next, set your ideal price range and size range. 
    • Having flexibility on size and/or budget will increase your options but having too wide a range may make the results too varied. Approach it like you might book a flight.  You generally know when you want to travel and for how much, but having some flexibility gives you the opportunity for a better deal. Start broad and narrow down, or just try a few combinations! 
    • You can use our Diamond Price Loop to see where the market is on size, quality, and price.
  • Once you’ve set your ranges, you’ll see the Diamond Matrix. 

The Diamond Matrix

The Diamond Matrix splits your size and budget ranges into 3 smaller ranges. Each cell displays the range of diamonds available within.

When you click on one of the cells you’ll get 3 customized estimates, each with a specific focus:

  • Maximize Quality: Prioritizing diamond quality followed by cost and size.
  • Maximize Size: Prioritizing diamond size followed by quality and cost.
  • Maximize Balance: Prioritizing cost followed by quality and size.

Our goal is to exceed expectations, not budgets! Each estimate includes the qualities we’ll match or exceed and the cost we will match or beat.

The Amazing Result

Once you’ve selected the estimate that’s right for you, you can either add it to our Custom Ring Builder or directly to your cart. Once you’ve checked out our work begins. Within 1 business day you’ll receive an email with the specific diamond we’ve found for you, including:

  • A picture
  • 360-degree video
  • GIA grading report

No Risk, All Reward:

You’ll have an additional day to review the details of the diamond and request a new one if the diamond we located doesn’t meet all your expectations.