Diamond Market Loop

Clarity and transparency aren’t just essential parts of a high quality diamond, they’re essential for your diamond search!

This is our monthly assessment of the Natural Round Diamond Retail Market. While the market does change with regularity, this can give you the necessary information about size and quality to help formulate your budget.

These prices are based on Natural Diamonds that have GIA reports and No Fluorescence.

Why does this matter?

  • We believe GIA upholds a higher standard of diamond grading quality and the market supports this. When the grades are the same, natural diamonds with grading reports from other labs regularly cost less than those with GIA reports. This indicates the diamond industry as a whole has greater confidence in a GIA report. If you are considering a natural diamond with a report from another grading lab, we recommend lowering every grade by 1 to assess how well it’s priced (so for example, an F color becomes G, and VS1 becomes VS2). This is especially important when it comes to a diamond’s cut grade. Many retailers create their own, unexplained cut grade scale that can overstate how well a diamond is cut. Always review a diamond’s grading report for its actual cut grade.
  • Fluorescence isn’t part of the 4 C’s and many retailers do not disclose it or describe its effect on a diamond. Diamonds with fluorescence, even faint, regularly cost less than comparable diamonds without.

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Diamond Market Loop: Monthly assessment of the Diamond Market to help you determine your budget.

Information conveyed here is an assessment of the diamond market at the time of publications, and is subject to change. The information provided is intended as a reference tool and is in no way a guarantee of availability at the listed price.

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